4 Workouts that Burn more Calories than Running


In modern times as people are getting more educated everyone is getting more and more aware of their health. “Precaution is better than cure” is what everyone is focusing on. The new generation is trying to move forward with a healthy lifestyle where fitness is a major part of it. Even the people who are obese are putting in their efforts to make a transition.

But even with everything said, it is not easy to make a transition to a healthy lifestyle especially when you are already very comfortable with the unhealthy one. Burning calories is no joke for most people. Everyone is trying to figure out the best ways to burn their calories. So, which exercise or workout comes to your mind when someone talks about burning fats or losing weight? Most of you might have said running right because it is very simple and also very effective. But are there workouts or activities more intense and effective than running?

Let’s find out below.

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4 Workouts that can Burn more Calories than running.

1. HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) – Upto 1000 calories per hour

HIIT workouts include short bursts of intense exercise(s) followed by a rest or low-intensity exercise(s). HIIT is not about a particular exercise, it is rather a way of doing exercises in a way that they are more effective in a shorter time frame. The time frame of each exercise can vary from as short as 30 seconds to a few minutes. This is followed by a rest or gentle exercise of generally shorter time frame as compared to the exercise. E.g. 45 seconds of jumping jacks followed by 15 seconds of rest.

Although an entire HIIT workout maybe just 15-20 mins but has immense benefits. Also, it can be very helpful for you if don’t have much time to spare for your workout sessions. I mean even if you cannot spare hours for moderately intense exercise you can at least try this right? Also, there are dozens of HIIT workouts that can be simply done on a yoga mat without needing to go to the gym. So after reading this there is no excuse for having no time or place for workouts.

Benefits of HIIT workout

As I mentioned before, there are many benefits of HIIT workout, so let’s have a quick look at them.

Reducing fats – Studies show that HIIT decreases body weight faster than steadier exercises such as jogging. You can burn up to 1000 calories with just an hour of exercise. But of course, it is not recommended to do HIIT for an hour especially when you are a beginner.
Improving metabolism and cardiovascular health – HIIT can help you to improve blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels which will improve metabolism and cardiovascular health.
Improving mental health – Well this one might be a little surprising to know but yes, research show HIIT workouts can help in improving your mental health. A 2015 study recorded an 8-week program of HIIT workouts in people from a psychiatric daycare unit. Out of 20, 18 people completed the program and showed improvement in physical as well as mental health.

How to begin

Although your gym trainer might have many HIIT exercises that you could do using equipment, there are many of them you could do without any equipment just using your body weight. And the best part is you can start the bodyweight exercises anywhere at whatever time you are comfortable, obviously after having proper knowledge about when not to do it like after eating. Some of the exercises that you can do just using bodyweight are burpees, sit-ups, squats, jumping jacks, plank, etc. Even if you are doing it at home without a trainer be sure that you have proper knowledge about it otherwise you might have unwanted results.

2. Indoor Cycling – Upto 840 Calories per hour

There’s always been a debate between runners and cyclists about which exercise burns more calories and it all comes down to just 1 word that is ‘intensity’. The more intense your workout is, the more calories you burn. Well, there is not much to explain about what cycling is but we can surely talk about some ways to increase the effectiveness of your indoor cycling sessions. Some of the best ways are as follows –

Eat before and after your ride – Yes, you read it right. While most people will recommend you to do all the exercises on an empty stomach, it is better to eat something about 45 minutes before your ride It could be a banana or a slice of bread with some peanut butter which can give you more energy to work out. But make sure you eat it in a small quantity and there is at least a 45mins interval between the two.Then within an hour of your workout consume a combination of carbohydrates and proteins for muscle building and repair. This will help you to operate your muscles smoothly and prepare you for your next workout.

Change Pace and Difficulty – It is more effective to pump yourself at intervals rather than doing steady moderate cycling. It is similar to what we learned in HIIT where short effective bursts of exercise can be more effective than doing it steadily at a medium pace.

Have a Balanced Diet – If you want to burn a candle as soon as possible, it is better to burn it from both ends right? Similarly, if you want to lose weight, a balanced and conscious diet plan is as necessary as doing exercise. Burning 200 calories and then compensating it with a burger from your favorite fast-food chain isn’t going to work out. Make such a diet plan where you are going in a calorie deficit, that is, you burn more calories than you consume.

Keep Going – A hard-core cycling session in no way gives you a ticket to be lazy and rest on your bed for the rest of your day. Make sure you take small steps like walking instead of taking a lift, not using a vehicle for short distances, etc. This is a better approach to reach your weight-loss target.

3. Jumping rope – Upto 990 Calories per hour

Well is this article for a 4th grader or something? That is what you might be thinking after reading this. But if you associate jumping rope with only those children playing out in the park, I am sorry but you’re making a mistake my friend. Jumping rope is one of the most effective exercises for burning weight.

In the beginning, jumping ropes can be a tough task. I won’t lie because it requires good coordination but believe me, as time passes and you get comfortable it can be a lot of fun. Activity that you might consider related to children can surely help you to reach your adulthood goals.

Some of the tips to begin jumping rope so that you can increase your efficiency and decrease the risk of injury are as follows –

Keep your elbows tight, shoulders and body relaxed, posture straight and swing from your wrists instead of shoulders.

Avoid a double bounce, that is, jumping twice before rope comes around your feet.
Land on your toes instead of heels.

Don’t jump too high and try to jump just 1 or 2 inches off the ground. Jumping too high increases the risk of an ankle injury.

Start slow, focus on your form and slowly build up over time. Don’t try to go too fast initially on the cost of your form. Remember, form is everything

4. Kickboxing – Upto 900 Calories per hour

Kickboxing is a stand-up combat sport that takes place in a ring with hand gloves and bare feet. While kickboxing is majorly known for building a strong core, toning up muscles, and self-defense, you will be surprised to know that kickboxing can also be very effective in burning calories. You can burn up to 900 calories in an hour and also enjoy it if just working out sounds too boring for you.

Some of the major benefits of kickboxing except losing weight are

Helps to tone your body – With losing weight, toning one’s body is also a major goal for most people. Kickboxing is a very effective way to do that. It helps you to build muscle mass and pushes you to lose weight even faster. It is particularly helpful in toning the belly and love handles. And being honest, just working out is not fun for everyone and some people find alternatives for that. So if you are one of them kickboxing can be one of the best alternatives for that purpose.

Builds stronger core muscles – Apart from helping tone your body, it can help you to build stronger core muscles that can protect your back and provide abdominal strength.

Improves reflexes and coordination – Kickboxing boxing can be a great way to improve your reflexes and improve your coordination. The fast punches and kicks will surely be energy boosters for your body and mind.

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