9 Sports that Burns Serious Calories

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Burning some calories can be a serious task for most people out there. If you ask me, one of the main reasons it is difficult for me to hit the gym or even work out at home is that it gets too boring and it’s often difficult to find a company to join you.

So for me including you, (because you are reading this) sports can be a more fun way of losing weight and acquiring some skills at the same time. Some sports like soccer and hockey which require jogging or running continuously can help you burn almost the same number of calories that you would burn doing any other workout.

So to reduce your tummy, have a lot of fun, and develop some skills, here I am with a list of 9 summer sports that can help you torch some serious calories.

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9 Sports That Burns Tons of Calories


1. Volleyball

On the beachside with some friends around, which better game than volleyball can you think? Well if you ask me, probably none. An intense game of volleyball can help you burn up to 360 calories per hour. It will also help you to maintain a healthy muscle to fat ratio in your body.

Playing volleyball develops good upper body strength as you need to hit it with your hands. You can also tone your calves and thighs because you need good footwork. And if you play the sport regularly you’ll eventually develop great hand-eye coordination and reflexes because you need to be attentive and quickly most of the time.

Other than that, how can playing volleyball not be a mood booster for anyone? Whenever you feel low or you are getting lazy, an hour of volleyball can surely come to your rescue like a good friend.

2. Football

Messi or Ronaldo? Whosoever’s fan you are, you can still burn up to 500 calories of weight per hour by playing soccer. This sport can be a game-changer for you in terms of torching your calories because it requires a lot of running around the ground (if you are not a goalkeeper).

It helps you to develop great lower body strength because you need to run a jog all the time and also hit the ball. And if you play it as a competitive sport, you will also need upper body strength because of the intensity of the game.

Apart from the physical aspect, it is equally a mental game as well. You need a good vision, the right tactics, and alertness to win the game. Even if you have the best players but no coordination and strategy, you might just end up on the losing side. As the saying goes, a fool with a plan can defeat a genius without a plan. Therefore, this game can be transformational for you in every way.

3. Lawn Tennis

Even if you don’t wish to win record-breaking 21 grand slams like Rafael Nadal, you can still enjoy the game and burn 600 calories in an intense game of lawn tennis. The sport requires both upper and lower body strength as it requires dancing around the court and hitting the ball.

It can help you develop a lot of agility and flexibility because it requires quick sideward movements on the court. You will also have a good balance as you need to manage yourself running around the court and maintain ideal power while hitting the ball.

Talking about the mental aspects of the game, it requires a lot of game awareness and quick decision-making. You should know how to play to your strengths and understand your opponent’s weaknesses.

4. Swimming

On a hot summer evening with the sun shining bright right above your head, what can be a better sport than swimming to burn your calories? You can burn up to 500 calories if you just love to swim around. Swimming is one sport that will require your entire body from head to toe.

Swimming can be a great way to tone all the muscles in the body simultaneously because it requires the movement of all the body parts. Another great advantage of swimming is that it can help you increase your lung capacity and prove as a great activity for asthma patients. Breathing exercises can help you gain a lot of control over your breathing.

Swimming also greatly helps in improving your sleep. A study showed improvement in sleep as well as life quality of insomnia patients after starting the activity.

5. Running

Running is one of the most effective, easy, and impactful sports to reduce your calories. One can burn up to 800 calories by just running. And if you have too many excuses about not having the right place or some company for other sports, sorry my friend but running will remove the curtain of lies from your life and shed some light that you might need to lose weight.

While most of you might feel this is difficult to digest, running can help you improve your knees and back. Yes, it might be true that some runners have hurt their knees and back in the process but that’s half the truth because they do running in a competitive scenario. For someone who is doing running just to lose some calories, this doesn’t hold true and they can actually strengthen their knees and back if everything is done properly.

6. Cycling

On a pleasant morning with beautiful birds around and watching a sunset, no one would mind going cycling. Well I know cycling slowly along the footpath with not much speed will do no good but that’s not too bad for a start. About burning calories, a 150 pounds person cycling at 12mph can burn up to 540 calories in an hour which is surely not a great number.

Cycling comes with lots of physical benefits which include strengthening your immune system as it helps to develop your respiratory system. Outdoor cycling, especially in places that are closer to greener areas can make sure you inhale a good amount of oxygen. Cycling can also help you to develop muscles around the quads, hamstrings, and calves. People with more muscle mass can burn more calories even when they are sedentary.

Talking about mental health, cycling can be very helpful in increasing your brainpower. A 2013 study showed that during cycling, blood flow in the brain increased by 28% and it went up to 70% in some areas which is surely a phenomenal number. And if you love adventures and exploration, you can go to unknown small roads in the sub-urban regions and land somewhere worthwhile.

7. Basketball

Who hasn’t fantasized about dunking in the basket-like Michael Jordan at least once? Well, at least I did. Talking about calories, you can burn up to 500 calories playing basketball. Playing basketball increases your bone density, improves flexibility, improves endurance and motor coordination.

Playing a team sport you also learn how to coordinate with your team members and work as a team to achieve one goal. Playing in a team teaches you how to be patient and have faith in the group.

I would also like to break a myth here. Many people think that playing basketball can be a contributing factor in increasing someone’s height and if you’re of them I would like to apologize but that’s not the case. There are no such studies to show that basketball or any other physical activity for that matter, can help you to increase your height.

8. Boxing

Even if you are a calm and cool sort of person who likes to be away from violence, learning how to punch like a pro can still be fascinating right? And when you know that it can help you burn up to 800 calories per hour, who wouldn’t like to try it.

Boxing comes with lots of physical and mental health benefits. People generally consider that boxing will just help you to develop your arms. Yes, with the poor form you might feel all the heat on your shoulders, but with proper form, boxing is a great way to develop your core body. It develops your agility and reflexes as you have to be very quick to dodge and hit.

Boxing can also be a great tool for your mental health development. It can make you more aware, alert and focused because even if you are even not attentive for a second if not milliseconds, you might be knocked out. It can also be a great stress reliever in most cases.

9. Badminton

One of the most enjoyed sports around the world, badminton can help you burn up to 480 calories in an hour. Badminton requires a lot of moving around the court and hitting the shuttle with some skills. This sport can help you greatly tone your muscles and develop agility and flexibility.

Badminton helps in decreasing the chances of diabetes through detoxification as you sweat a lot while playing the sport. It is also a great cure for hypertension as it lowers blood pressure.

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