30 Simple Exercises You Can Do Anywhere


The workout culture we all over social media shows that you can work out only in a gym but that is not entirely true. You can work out anywhere anytime you want.

By now, you must be wondering what kind of workouts is this article talking about? To make sure that you don’t worry any further, here is a list of 30 workouts that you can do anywhere and guess what’s the catch? You don’t need to get a gym subscription anymore!

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30 Exercises You Can Do Anywhere & Stay Fit

1. Arm Circles: Chances are you probably did this in your Physical Education class. If you’ve forgotten how to do this, here is a list of the steps you need to do to complete an Arm circle. Firstly stand in a way so that your arms are extended and they’re perpendicular to your torso. Then make clockwise circles with them. If you want to time your workouts you’ll see that you’ll need 20-30 seconds to do one. Follow this up by reversing the movement, this time, going counterclockwise.

2. Standard Push-up: This is a classic workout. To do this, keep your hand’s shoulder apart and your feet flexed up at a hip distance so that your core is tightened. Follow it up with bending your elbows until your chest reaches the floor and then exert force to push your chest back up.

3. Plank: To do a plank, first lie facedown with your forearms on the floor while keeping your hands clasped and then extend your legs so that you end up standing on your toes. Hold this position for some time, preferably 30-60 seconds by tightening your core. Once you get a hang of doing this, increase the time.

4. Squat: Doing squats has never been easier. Keep standing with your feet parallel or have them turned to 15°, whatever appears the most comfortable to you. Then, start to crouch slowly by bending your hips and knees. Keep doing it until your thighs and hips are parallel to the floor. Don’t forget to make sure that your heels are in touch with the floor.

5. Bridge: Bridge is the easiest way to activate your core and activate the strength of your backside. This is a great workout for warm-up sessions. To do one, lie down on your back and your knees bent while keeping your feet flat on the floor and your arms extended to your side. Then push through slowly so that you can lift your backside off the ground until your hips are fully extended.

6. Chair Squat: As the name implies, to do this workout, you’ll need a chair. Stand in front of the chair so that your feet and shoulder are wide-apart and your toes are slightly pointing out. Then, bend your knees and lower back until you feel your hips end up touching the chair. Then, return to the starting position to resume again.

7. Knee Push-up: This type of push-up is for beginners and ultimately helps in building strength. To do one, get into a high plank position and place your knees in such a way that you maintain a straight line from your head to your knees and keep your angles at a 45° angle.

8. Stationary Lunge: Split your stance in such a way that your right leg ends up being flat on the ground while your left leg stands up on its toes. Then bend your knees and do a lunge until your right leg ends up being parallel to the ground.

9. Plank to Downward Dog: This move is going to test your shoulders and the whole of your upper body. To do this, first, get into a high plank position so that your hands are stacked underneath your shoulder and your feet are close together. After keeping your core engaged and the rest of your body stationary, pike your hips so that you’re back into the downward dog position and your body forms a triangle with the ground.

10. Straight-leg Donkey Kick: To do this, first get on all fours so that your hands and legs are aligned with your shoulders and hips respectively. After that, push your right foot so that it looks like you’re touching an imaginary wall. While doing this, don’t forget to flex your toes and keep your hips square to the ground.

11. Bird Dog: This is a full-body move that tests your patience and stability. This can be of different types based on your level. Here the one that is described in detail is that of a beginner. First, get on all fours by keeping your hands underneath your shoulder and your knees under your hips. Then without changing the position of your neck, extend your left arm and right leg. Follow this up with a pause of two seconds.

12. Forearm Plank: This is a full-body exercise that puts the entirety of your core into overdrive. First, assume a plank position on your forearms so that your body forms a straight line starting from your head and ending in your feet. Don’t let your lower back and hips sack.

13. Side-lying Hip Abduction: This is the perfect workout for you if you have a job that requires you to sit all throughout the day. Firstly, lie down on your side, keeping your left leg and right leg straight and your right foot resting on the ground. Then slowly lift your right leg up while maintaining the previous position and keep on repeating until you tire yourself out.

14. Bicycle Crunch: This targeted ab move requires you to lie on your back and bring your legs to a tabletop position. Then bend your elbows so that you are able to put your hands behind your head. Follow it up with crunching your right elbow to your left knee. Start by releasing the crunch slightly. Follow it up by bending your right leg and straightening your left leg. Follow it up by bringing your left elbow to your right knee.

15. Single leg-bridge: How to make an exercise harder for you? Bring it to a single leg and it will automatically be harder to do. Single leg-bridge is no exception to this rule. Do the usual steps you need to do for a bridge but while doing it lift one foot off the ground.

16. Push-up: Doing push-ups in the normal way is a lot more challenging than doing knee push-ups. First, assume a high plank position and then perform the push-up in the usual way of doing push-ups. Don’t forget to allow your knees to flare up at an angle of 45-degree.

17. Walking lunge: While travelling during lunges, you will be able to add various elements to your workout regimes such as stability, balance and mobility. While lunging with your right leg, stand up and then repeat the same thing with your left leg.

18. Pike Push-ups: To target your shoulders more, add pike to your push-ups. Whatever movement you will do will be restricted to your arms and the entirety of your body will remain stable.

19. Get-up squats: This type of squat is a great way to work under tension or when it comes to keeping your legs and glutes under control which will end up adding more elements to the burn if you do them continuously.

20. Superman: This workout is a great way to work out on your lower back as well as the whole of your backside. In order to reap the benefits of this workout, go as slowly as you can.

21. Planking with Alternating Leg Lifts: By adding leg lifts to your usual plank routine, chances are that you’ll end up making your body unstable as your core will need to work in overdrive alongside your three limbs which will now have to support the entire body weight.

22. Kneeling Side Plank with Hip Abduction: This will become an upper-body workout as soon as you add the elements of holding your body up with your knees and that of an extended arm. It also helps to recruit the core more in the regime.

23. Dead Bug: You can activate your deep core muscles by doing a dead bug. To do this, you need to do a coordinated motion where you extend your left leg and drop your right arm just above your head all the while keeping in mind that your lower back should stay flat to the ground.

24. Bridge with Leg Extended: In order to make a single left leg even more difficult, first lift the foot up and then extend out the leg. Don’t forget to keep your leg flexed out throughout the movement.

25. Overhead Squat: To challenge your mobility, extend your arms overhead. This will also challenge the range of motions that your upper body can do. Your lower body will also reap the benefits of doing a squat. To do this, just perform a squat with your arms extended overhead.

26. One-legged push-up: In order to do this, assume the position of a push-up and then follow it up by lifting a leg off the ground and then just completing the push-up.

27. Jumping Lunges: Jumping exercises are often referred to as plyometrics. Even though you will do them for a short period of time, you will need to put in maximum effort and you will also feel the burn in your body in a short amount of time.

28. Elevated pike push-ups: This is probably the hardest version of a push-up as putting your feet on an elevated surface will burn more calories.

29. Get-up squat with a jump: To do this move, you’ll need a lot of power and strength as instead of stepping your feet back up you’ll now need to jump.

30. Advanced Bird Dog: To do this, first get into a high plank position and then do a Bird-Dog by lifting one arm and one leg simultaneously. The main thing here is to maintain a straight spine.

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