FINIS Foam Pull Buoy


The FINIS Foam Pull Buoy is a must-have training tool for swimmers of all levels. This buoy is designed to help swimmers improve their upper body strength and technique by isolating the legs during swimming workouts. Made from high-quality foam material, this pull buoy provides the perfect amount of buoyancy and comfort for an effective and enjoyable swimming experience.


The compact and lightweight design of the FINIS Foam Pull Buoy makes it easy to carry in your swim bag and use in any pool. Its durable foam construction ensures long-lasting use, making it an excellent investment for swimmers who want to improve their skills and strength.

The pull buoy is suitable for a wide range of swimming drills, including freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, and butterfly. It provides enough buoyancy to keep your hips and legs afloat while allowing you to focus on your arm strokes and technique.

The FINIS Foam Pull Buoy is available in two different sizes to accommodate swimmers of different body types and abilities. The smaller size is perfect for children and smaller adults, while the larger size is ideal for larger adults.

This product is designed to be used by swimmers of all levels, from beginners to professionals. Whether you are a competitive swimmer or someone who enjoys swimming as a recreational activity, the FINIS Foam Pull Buoy is an excellent training tool that can help you improve your swimming skills and overall fitness.

In summary, the FINIS Foam Pull Buoy is a versatile, durable, and comfortable training tool that can help you improve your swimming performance. Whether you are looking to build upper body strength, improve your technique, or simply enjoy a more efficient and comfortable swimming experience, this pull buoy is an excellent investment for any swimmer.

Size Adult
Colour Black/Yellow
Brand Finis
Material Plastic
Life Vest Type Type III


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