Dabur Giloy Neem Tulsi Juice


Introducing Dabur Giloy Neem Tulsi Juice – a potent 3-in-1 immunity booster that harnesses the power of three of nature’s most revered herbs: Giloy, Neem and Tulsi. This pure, natural and 100% Ayurvedic juice is a powerhouse of essential nutrients that helps enhance your body’s immunity, protecting you from a range of illnesses and ailments.



The synergistic combination of Giloy, Neem and Tulsi makes this juice a potent immunity booster that helps detoxify your body, improves digestion and strengthens your overall immune system. Giloy is known for its ability to boost immunity, reduce stress and anxiety levels, and improve digestion. Neem, on the other hand, is a natural antiseptic that helps purify your blood and flush out toxins from your body. Tulsi, also known as Holy Basil, is a potent antioxidant that helps protect your body from free radicals and strengthens your immune system.

Dabur Giloy Neem Tulsi Juice is made from the highest quality herbs that are carefully sourced and processed to ensure maximum potency and purity. It is free from any harmful chemicals, preservatives or artificial colors, making it safe for consumption for all ages.

This 1L pack of Dabur Giloy Neem Tulsi Juice is the perfect addition to your daily routine to help you stay healthy and protected from illnesses. Just mix 30ml of the juice with a glass of water and consume it twice a day to experience the benefits of this powerful 3-in-1 immunity booster.

In summary, Dabur Giloy Neem Tulsi Juice is a natural, safe and effective way to boost your immune system and stay healthy. With its potent blend of Giloy, Neem and Tulsi, this juice is a must-have for anyone looking to enhance their overall wellbeing and live a healthy, happy life.

Number of Items 1
Units 1000.0 millilitre
Flavour Giloy
Specialty No Artificial Colors
Package Information Bottle
Volume 1 Litres
Package Weight 1.2 Kilograms


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