How to Stay Fit with Long Office Hours

Fitness in office hours

The financial year end is here and you would be stuck in the office for long hours neck deep in work. You would barely be getting enough sleep let alone the time to go to the gym.

Here is what usually happens during such time, you end up gaining weight, your waistline increases horizontally and you lose the motivation to go to the gym altogether.

Well, guess what? If you are gaining a lot of weight and getting fatter during this time, it is YOUR fault.

Yes, you read that right. Now, we are not here to blame you. Rather, we are saying that it is you who has control over these things. If you are smart enough, you can manage your fitness just right at this time and get back to progress as soon as the workload drops.

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Be social

“Having friends is the #1 most important key to longevity. In fact, it is as good for your long-term health as avoiding cigarettes, according to many studies. Why? Friends tend to call you out when you’re going astray. Increase your health without drastic changes by spending time with your more active and healthier friends.”

Add Some Activity To Your Sedentary Routine

Most jobs require you to sit all day long and this drops your activity all day long. You can include very simple things like taking the stairs in place of the elevator, getting up from your desk whenever you get a chance and get a 5-minute walk, and so on. Just increasing this activity can help you burn 100 – 200 extra calories a day.

Don’t sacrifice sleep

Lack of sleep during a month will lead to irritation, dissatisfaction, bad mood, difficulty concentrating, and as a result, burnout. Studies show that lack of sleep increases the risk of developing heart and vascular disease, type 2 diabetes, being overweight or obese.

Quality sleep should be 7-9 hours long, without problems falling asleep, in silence and coolness.

Get In A Quick Workout Session

Cannot get to the gym? No problem. Understand that during this stressful time, your goal is to maintain and do enough. Do simple things like having a quick 15-min workout in the morning by doing 50 push-ups and 50 body squats.

It is not comparable to the gym but it is something. The extra benefit being you will feel fresh and have a great start to the day.

Use Low-Calorie Beverages

At times when you are stressed out, you do feel the need to eat or drink something. Instead of going with the juices loaded with a lot of calories, you can pick low-calorie beverages like salted lemonades, lemon sodas with salt, diet coke, green tea, or black coffee.

These little things will simply help you maintain your fitness during these stressful times and you would not go down that road where you start ignoring your health and pile on a ton of weight in the future and regret it.

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