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The century we live in nowadays is that of an extraordinary connection and technical advancement. Using Smart devices has become the norm and a lot of us can’t function without using one of them every day and living without them is not even an option.

Just like every other sector, the fitness sector has also experienced a boom in smart technology with new applications and gadgets flooding the market every day. So, don’t worry if you’re looking for a very specific product, chances are that you’ll always find a product that caters specifically to your needs.

On a more basic and general level, however, there are some gadgets that are more universal and may be adapted to nearly any workout regimen or health aim and on the other hand that are devices to only cater to that specific workout. So, that you don’t have to worry while buying a product, here’s a list of ten fitness devices from which anybody and anyone can benefit.

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10 fitness devices to Help you in Your Workout

1. Fitbit

Fitbit is a well-known and well-loved smartwatch that has long been a favorite of fitness enthusiasts. Adding a FitBit to your training gear is a terrific option for anybody who enjoys staying organized, motivated, and tracking their progress.

These watches include a lot of features (more or fewer depending on the model which changes with the price that you’re willing to pay), and there is truly something for everyone. From sleep tracking and heart rate monitoring to stress management and breath rate assessment, there’s something for everyone. Smartwatches are an important requirement for anybody wishing to digitize their workout program and switch to a smart lifestyle, and a FitBit is always a safe bet.

It automatically will sync everything with the Google Health app present on your Android device. And guess what, you can use it also as a device to monitor your steps throughout the day or how many calories you are burning throughout the day even if you are not working out.



Fitness devices always don’t necessarily have to be about making gains, measuring progress, and so on. Sometimes the most helpful tools are those that assist us in resting and recovering. This is where the PSO-SPINE enters the picture.

In a word, it’s a self-massage tool meant to “keep your spinal muscles strong and your nerves operating correctly to prevent some of the difficulties that emerge as a result of aging, injury, and everyday movement.”

A useful tool like this should be in the arsenal of every fitness enthusiast. A healthy spine is a must even if you’re not working out because it supports the entirety of your frame and you’ll need one in the long run. If you’re a workout enthusiast, you’ll need a healthy spine because the presence of one helps you to maintain mobility and flexibility which only a healthy spine can provide.

Please keep in mind that the company’s website recommends all potential consumers speak with a doctor before using this product.

3. FITT Cube

A portable home gym in the shape of a cube? To us, it sounds appropriately futuristic. The FITT Cube is a fascinating fitness tool. Offering cardio, strength, flexibility, endurance, and power training, as well as over 100 unique workouts targeting every muscle in the body, all in a cube smaller than 50cm tall.

Because it is made of steel, you may have peace of mind about its durability. It also includes some great features, such as bespoke resistance bands and a workout plan. The FIIT Cube appears to be ideal for individuals who are constrained to tiny places or who just prefer conducting full-body exercises at home.

It’s unique, well-designed, and rather unobtrusive. Overall, something not to be neglected by the gadget-obsessed gym-goer, and who knows maybe it will replace the necessity of going to a gym completely? But before buying one, always consult your trainer and get proper directions regarding the workout you are going to do alone as without proper instructions you might suffer from serious injuries while working out alone.

4. LARQ Water Bottle

What’s the point of a self-cleaning water bottle? The LARQ, on the other hand, “eliminates up to 99.9999 percent of bio-contaminants from your water and bottle using UV-C LED light.” It is a bottle that keeps your water clean, and clean water is a crucial component of living a healthy lifestyle.

It may not measure your heart rate or calories, but if you don’t have a reliable water supply, nothing else matters. It is specifically marketed towards people who have a busy schedule just so that their life can be made a bit easier. At the same time, don’t forget to wash it once in a while just so that you can get that peace of mind knowing that you have cleaned it yourself.

5. HidraSpark 3

Given the importance of water to health usually and when you’re working out, we thought we’d give smart bottles two spots on our list. The HidrateSpark 3 monitors your water consumption throughout the day and, in conjunction with the companion app, illuminates when it’s time to drink.

It’s BPA-free, fashionable, and functional. It is not a self-cleaning one like the previous one but it has the added advantage of keeping a track of your water consumption. You’ll also get a reminder whenever it is time to take a sip. Now stop worrying about drinking water, you have a bottle that reminds you to do it.


These smart insoles are as futuristic as they come. Slip them into your running shoes, and you’ll have an AI coaching engine analyzing your every move. ARIONCOACH examines your running technique in depth and systematically in order to enhance every part of it.

For a more extensive discussion of the technology, it’s preferable to visit the company’s website. However, for dedicated runners, especially those who prioritize technical performance, this might be a game-changing piece of equipment. And if you are somebody who is thinking about starting running again, then this is the thing for you as you’ll get only positive judgments from this device and nothing else.

7. Smart Scale

We have all got a set of basic weighing scales somewhere in the house (typically stashed away behind the bathroom door, where they’re easy to overlook). When it comes to real health and fitness progress monitoring, though, a standard scale just doesn’t cut it.

Smart scales can help with this. Smart scales collect a variety of parameters in addition to weight, including BMI, body fat, bone mass, and muscle mass.

The specific parameters covered may vary depending on the scale, but most of them come with Android and iOS applications for smartphone pairing, and with the degree of information and depth they give, they can truly help take your fitness to the next level by tracking the changes that your body undergoes while performing various workout routines.

8. Peloton Bike

If cycling is your thing, the Peloton Bike is the bike for you. This fantastic piece of machinery is truly a one-stop-shop solution. You’ll have access to hundreds of training courses from the comfort of your own home thanks to the onboard screen and speakers.

It’s rather pricey in contrast to the other products on our list, but given what it may save in the long run, it could easily be a wise and worthwhile purchase for the appropriate person. So, don’t worry if you can’t go on bike rides outside your home due to the pandemic, this bike will truly help to maintain your fitness regime.

9. Earbuds

No exercise routine is ever complete with some music playing in the background. Indeed, music is a crucial component of many people’s fitness regimens, giving motivation as well as an added layer of enjoyment.

But if you’re an avid listener, chances are that you’ve already met with unfavorable experiences where your arms have ended up being entangled in earphone cables, cruelly yanking the buds out of your ears. Though a decent set of wireless headphones may be most useful for runners, they’re also a wonderful addition to any tech-savvy exercise equipment.

But it’s important that you understand what you’re getting and does it really suit your workout regime? There is nothing worse than purchasing a set of wireless earphones only to lose one during your first run. This is where truly workout-friendly versions come in– earbuds developed expressly for jogging, leaping, and spinning so that your music is never cut short and your workout regime goes on on a smooth flow.

10. Skipping Ropes with LEDs

If you enjoy both skipping and fitness tracking, this device is a must-have. It’s just a skipping rope with built-in LED lights that “show calories burnt, interval training data, and other symbols and icons to register double under and other pertinent fitness workout information.” It’s a brilliant idea.

The display works by triggering the LEDs at different moments as the rope moves around you, producing the illusion of a floating screen. Very futuristic, interesting, and useful for anyone who incorporates skipping into their training program.

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