Bharadvajasana Yoga. Intro, Benefits & Steps to Perform

Yoga includes many poses that help your body to strengthen the muscles; one such asana is Bharadvajasana. It is a seated spinal twist yoga pose and hip opener; it got its name after the Hindu guru Bharadvaja. In English, it is known as the Twist pose.

Bharadvajasana yoga has different variations, but the most fundamental one starts in dandasana, or staff poses, which is the practice of sitting position with the legs out in front. As the knees bend and the legs drop to the left, the weight shifts to the right buttock. The right foot’s arch should support the left inner ankle. The left hand rests palm up on the outer right thigh while the right hand rests on the floor behind the body as the upper torso twists to the right. The head turns to look over the right shoulder only after that. Switch sides and perform the asana again to complete it.

The asana is named after Bharadvaja, one of the mythical “seven seers” (sapta rishis). He is famous for writing hymns that were later included in the Vedas, the ancient texts. Bharadvajasana’s twisting motion, similar to wringing a wet dishcloth, is believed to release tension and stress. As a result, this asana helps restore equilibrium by calming the mind and nervous system.

Bharadvajasana is traditionally believed to open the Anahata (heart) and Muladhara (root) chakras. Opening Anahata is associated with compassion, acceptance, self-esteem, and love, while opening the Muladhara is grounding and provides a sense of safety and security. Let’s understand.

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How to do Bharadvajasana Yoga

  • Start by reclining into dandasana.
  • Bring the leg backwards by bending the knees and putting the knees on the floor.
  • Your buttocks should rest on the floor as y
  • You bring your feet to the right side beside your right hip. The legs are positioned so that the right inner ankle is in the left foot’s arch.
  • Stretch the right arm outside the left thigh near the left knee while twisting the body to the left at a 45-degree angle.
  • With fingers pointing to the right and the palm touching the floor, place the right hand underneath the left knee.
  • As you exhale, swivel your left shoulder and place your left arm behind your back.
  • Clasp the right upper arm with the left hand across the back while bending the left elbow.
  • Observing over the right shoulder, turn the neck to the right.
  • Breathe deeply while remaining in the twisted pose for thirty minutes.
  • Come back to the centre after releasing the handgrip. Repeat the pose while bending your legs and switching sides, arms, and legs.

Try these Modifications

Use Folded Blanket & Block

 After bending the knees to move the feet toward the right hip and to align the pelvis, place a folded blanket under the left buttock. Additionally, place a block behind the back, pointing toward the right hip. Place the right hand under the left knee as you twist the torso to the left. Now place your left arm on the block and bring it to your back.

You can use a Yoga strap

Sit with your hip in the centre and your knees bent. Wrap the right upper arm around a loop from your yoga belt. Place the right hand under the left knee while stretching the right arm. From there, wrap one hand around the back and use the left hand to hold the other end of the belt.

Hand on the wall

To do this, keep your knee bent on the floor as you did above. Draw the right arm across the chest and rest the hand on a wall while twirling the torso to the left. Place the left arm on the sacrum by dragging it behind your back. To look over the right shoulder, turn the neck to the right.


Sit sideways in a chair with the back on your left side. Set your feet firmly on the floor. With hands on the chair’s top, rotate the upper body toward the back. Keep your elbows extended outward. Your right hand should move to the left. Raise the left hand to bring the arm holding the seat’s edge to the back. You can lower your right hand to the seat’s back while keeping your chest up.

Benefits of Bharadvajasana Yoga

Here are some benefits of Bharadvajasana

Strengthens the hips and shoulders

The Bharadvajasana pose allows a kind of spinal twist that opens the hips and shoulders. It enlarges these muscles and fetches new blood to them. As a result, it makes the hip and shoulder muscles more flexible and stronger.

Improves spine flexibility

Our modern lives typically require us to perform most of our work in a seated position. This damages the natural structure and shape of the spine. This lateral stretch of the Bharadvajasana twist is essential to rejuvenate the back muscles and improve flexibility. In addition, strengthening the lower back is good for pregnant women.

Stretch the Leg Muscle

 In this pose, the legs are kept folded, which helps in stretching the hamstrings, calves, and knees, which as a result, increases the blood flow. As a result, it develops these muscles, and the leg muscles get stronger.

Stimulates abdominal muscles

Thanks to the pose’s lateral twisting, it strengthens the essential muscle. It helps in stretching the abdominal muscles and tones the abdomen. The oblique muscles get bigger and stronger. Additionally, it stimulates digestion by massaging the internal organs.

Boosts metabolism

Bharadvajasana yoga also involves twisting the neck and the spine. It stimulates the thyroid gland, which regulates metabolism.

Boosts the effectiveness of the reproductive organs

It increases the blood supply and puts more pressure on the reproductive organs. It makes hormonal secretion work best. Twisting the lower abdomen is required to perform this pose.

Benefits the respiratory system

This is a lesser-known benefit of Bharadvajasana yoga, as practising this pose helps open the shoulders and chest. It increases oxygen intake and increases lungs volume. This raises the breathing capability and hence enhances the respiratory system.

Activates the root and heart chakras

The twist-and-turn embroils in Bharadvajasana yoga opens the heart, activating the Anahata Chakra. Positive emotions like love and self-acceptance result from this. Additionally, the pose improves stability and grounding, stimulating the Muladhara chakra.

Give yourself a break and practice Bharadvajasana yoga; it will reenergize your body and soul.

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