14 Ways to Help You Look Great at Any Age


There is a lot of pressure on aging and nowadays everyone wants to age gracefully but why age gracefully when you can still look young and age youthfully?

No need to look here and there for tips to age gracefully, have a spring in your step, and look young. Here is a list of fourteen things you need to do if you want to look good at any age.

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14 Things to Look Graceful in any Age


Load up on Antioxidants

Through research, it has been proved that antioxidants fight against inflammation which frees radical damage that goes in your body as you age. They are the things that will help the most when it comes to combating aging and looking good.

If you want to combat serious illnesses like cancer and diabetes, antioxidants are without doubt your best friend, and adding foods rich in antioxidants to your diet will help you immensely. Foods that are rich in antioxidants are berries (they are also full of various nutrients) and this includes gooseberry, cranberry, strawberry, blueberry, wild berry, goji berry, and acai berry.

Drink tons of Water

Dehydration not only makes your skin appear saggy and wrinkly but also makes your skin appear a lot older than you are. To prevent the aging of your skin (and looking more older than you are), drink tons of water, somewhat between 3 or 4 liters every day.

Drinking water helps your body to flush out the toxins and helps your organs to perform at an optimal stage. It also provides nourishment to the skin and makes your skin more glowy by improving the circulation of blood. This is the most important step you should follow to look good at any age.

Exercise Daily

After the pandemic hit, everyone became hooked to their smartphones to find a ray of hope and this addiction to tech devices resulted in various problems which always point to slouching, sitting with poor posture. Chances are you are suffering from the same so here is a piece of advice that will help you to overcome this problem.

The advice is to exercise daily. It not only helps you to live a long life, full of good health but also helps you to look good and age slowly. Even a simple stroll in the evening will provide you with benefits that will help you in the long run.

Eat more Fruits and Vegetables

Even though meat and fish, that is various types of animal protein are needed in your daily diet, do not forget to consume enough greens and fruits. They help you to look good by alkalizing your body and giving your liver a little detox from animal products and junk food.

If your body is pure from the inside, it will no doubt reflect on your skin, and the only way of inducing a detox in the internal organs of your body is by eating fruits and vegetables. The list of foods that can make you look younger includes cacao powder, olives, avocados, pomegranates, and wheatgrass powder.

Do not Use Shampoo or Strong Cleansers Daily

Hair cleansers and shampoos contain a lot of chemicals (even though you spend hours looking for a shampoo with fewer chemicals and are quite successful in the search). The risk of using them increases if you overuse them as the chemicals will accumulate in your skin over time and ultimately trip your hair of useful chemicals that are necessary when it comes to maintaining the growth and glow of your hair.

To maintain the pH balance of your hair, limit the number of wishes to a maximum of twice or thrice a week.

Do Creative Stuff

The secret to looking good at any age also deals with the secret to feeling good or here, youthful at any age and what better to feel good internally other than doing something creative? Take part in theatre and dramas, drawing and painting or singing songs, literally anything that is creative and fills your heart with joy when you do it.

Get your creative juices flowing and keep the white matter in your brain always on the move so that you feel happy from the inside. Happiness brings out a glow that no skincare can ever bring, no matter how expensive it is.

Maintain Good Posture

When you are younger, chances are you probably had good posture. But as you start to grow up, slowly you will develop this tendency to hunch. This tendency is usually referred to as the “hunched posture” where your shoulders are slumped forward and your spinal cord is not straight.

This not only will make you feel like you have gotten old but also make you look not that good and as you will grow old, this will create a lot of physical problems. Do posture exercises, sleep on a flat surface without a pillow and take care of your spinal card to once again improve your posture.

Get 8 Hours of Sleep

Sleep deprivation and insomnia are the two things that will make you feel like you have aged a lot and after a day of not getting enough sleep, you will not feel good from the inside. They also cause dark spots, wrinkles under your eyes, and saggy skin, all signs of premature aging.

Getting 8 hours of sleep every day will rejuvenate you from the inside and you won’t feel tired throughout the day as you will have a lot of energy.

Cut Down on Stress

As we grow up, our lives become more stressful every day. It causes the release of hormones like adrenaline, cortisol which will make your heart beat faster and raise your blood pressure by pumping more blood than usual.

It also makes all of your organs work harder than they need to which will make you groggy and you will feel tired and weary and leading a stressful life will make you appear a lot older than you are. To battle stress and its adverse effects, meditate every day for 10 or 20 minutes.

Play Brain Games

Playing brain games or doing mental aerobic exercises have been shown to improve your memory, rejuvenate the power of your brain it had when you were younger, and get cognitive benefits which according to some studies, last as long as five years.

There are a lot of apps that let the users play various brain games such as Luminosity and Elevate. You can also do crossword puzzles or sudokus which are given in the newspapers. Playing chess, challenging puzzles, Rubik’s cube help to keep the left and right sides of your brain active and create spatial awareness, color sensitivity, and creativity.

Use Supplements for your skin

Any skin cream which contains “retinol” is very helpful when it comes to beating wrinkles and smoothening your skin. Retinol helps to peel off the old skin gently and then aids in the process of generation of new skin which is more supple and beautiful.

Foods or supplements that contain the acid called Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) like flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, and chia seeds can also get you anti-aging benefits which will slow down the aging process. Taking care of your skin and having a healthy skincare regime also go a long way in slowing down the aging process.

Meet New People and Travel

Getting out of your house will change your mood by making you more cheerful due to the change in environment. Meeting new people and traveling will bring you newer and fresher perspectives which will help you to develop a new outlook of life and will help you to appreciate various lifestyles and cultures.

When you immerse yourself in new experiences and enjoy them, you will truly enjoy life and that will make you feel younger from the inside. This is the secret of feeling young from the inside which affects how you look outside.

Make Healthy Habits

The habits you have played a crucial role in the person you have become and this does not change even if you grow old, your habits keep on reflecting you, your goals, the lifestyle you lead. To look good at any age and prevent premature aging you need to have a lot of healthy habits because there are no shortcuts to achieve this.

According to research, it only takes 21 days to form new habits but to have a grip of it, one needs to at least invest 6 months.

Choose Skincare with certain ingredients

Having a healthy skincare regime will make you look younger but the word “healthy” itself appears very vague when new skincare products are getting launched every day and the beauty industry is already full of thousands of “healthy” products. So, here are some ingredients that your skincare must have to be actually considered “healthy”.

The list includes SPF which protects the skin from radical damage caused by the Sun’s UV radiation which ultimately leads to collagen breakdown, Hyaluronic acid which helps the skin to restore moisture and thereby gives it a smooth glowy look.

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